Ashley Dygert

Ashley Dygert
Therapeutic Consultant
Phone: 304-522-1945, Ext. 219
Email: Ashley Dygert

"I have been in the Behavioral Health field for 10 years. I graduated from Marshall University and while attending college worked as a Direct Care Staff, with Clients with severe behavioral needs and autism.

Today, I am a Positive Behavior Support Professional and Therapeutic Consultant or PBSP and TC for Clients that have enriched my life and that I love very dearly. I can honestly say there is not a more fulfilling job. I have been lucky enough to be welcomed into the lives of several families and individuals that have helped me to become the person I am today. I have a nephew with autism disorder and have seen him grow and succeed in many areas of his life because of the love and support a family can provide.

Mainstream is a family that can and does this for many individuals and the individual's family. Our facilitated living programs, faculty, and ISS programs give families and Clients the opportunity to succeed and take on roles that may not have been available or attainable by other means. The ISS provides much needed independence for some and peace of mind for their families. Families can have the chance to be just that, FAMILIES!!! All the while our Client's ongoing needs are met by professional and family oriented providers. We know each and every member by name and face, allowing us to have relationships with them and their loved ones to provide optimum care and encourage a fulfilling and productive life!"

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